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    Fashion E-Commerce
    From Tokyo, Japan
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    Delivered Worldwide
    Sourced and Originated from Japan
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    First to Receive Service
    100+ Exclusive Brands From Japan
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    Japanese-designed Fashionwear
    Available July 2019


Fashion e-Commerce, from Japan to the world

We are a Tokyo-based company dedicated to sourcing and originating undiscovered fashion wear and apparel from Japan.

We started our company to create the first online e-Commerce to source and export fashionwear directly from Japanese designers to overseas. We are now on our way to building this mission into reality.

We are observing a major shift happening in the world of fashion as eyes turn towards beautiful Japanese Design and the undeniable influence of Tokyo Streetwear. We believe it is only the beginning. The future of fashion is Japan.

We are here to accelerate that.

Come aboard our ship and join the movement.

Japan Sourced.

Our fashion selection is originated from top designers in Japan. We source fashion from local shops to large, popular brands from specific areas of Tokyo such as Aoyoma, Daikanyama, Harajuku, Omotesando, and Shibuya. We also supply Osaka-based streetwear.

Streetwear centric.

We pride ourselves in having a "Streetwear first" mentality. We wear it, we own it, we want everyone to know it. We are entering a new fashion era for Japan, and it is why we created aoiShip.

A Taste for High-Fashion.

Tokyo is not without its exquisite taste for High Fashion. We provide only the unique designers who display the essence of "Luxury à la Mode" through their apparel.


Over 1,000+ Influencers connected
Over 5 million Customers within reach from Day 1
Over 100+ Designers from Japan supplying the latest apparel
One platform to uncover what the world is waiting for from Japan


Technology platform for fashion e-Commerce.

  • B2C e-Commerce

    Starting July 2019, customers may shop online for Streetwear, Luxury Apparel, Shoes, Sneakers, and Wearable Accessories from over 100+ exclusive designers to choose from, providing fashionwear never seen before from Tokyo, Osaka, and other select areas from Japan.

    Fashion Designers and Suppliers will be able to directly sell to aoiShip's customers, first in Japan and the United States, then worldwide as our footprint expands.

  • Influencer Dashboard (ID)

    Influencers will be able to showcase to their audiences the latest trends and fashion by collaborating with fashion designers from Japan, while also earning income and gaining global status. Influencers will also be able to compare how they benchmark among peers, with additional income awarded to top performers by referral.

  • Supplier Analytics Platform (SAP)

    Fashion designers based in Japan will be able to track live inventory, orders, payments and shipment information as they are happening, benchmark KPIs among peers, and receive suggestions on how to improve speed and reduce expense, increasing the bottom line.

    Designers will also be able to register automatically to sell products instantly, upload media, and create marketing campaigns with aoiShip Influencers, reducing the need for manual assistance.

  • FashionSense (FS:AI)

    Designers partnered with aoiShip by launch of this service will gain access to aoiShip's algorithmic intelligence which will provide market-specific product recommendations and data-based insight to help strategic decision making for current and future product offerings.

    FashionSense:AI will allow the modern designer to seize not-so-obvious growth opportunities as they develop.

“Design is not for philosophy. It's for life.”

—Issey Miyake


aoiShip will launch July 2019.

  • Sep 2018


    Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    Aoiship K.K. incorporated in Tokyo, Japan on September 25, 2018 and is majority-owned by co-founders Adam Boujida and Kazumasa Ito.

  • July 2019

    B2C e-Commerce Platform

    MVP goes live

    aoiShip's Minimum Viable Product is the rollout of an enhanced and feature-rich B2C e-Commerce Platform. This will replace the 'Test Shop' currently online with Shopify. Click here to view current inventory. From the moment of launch, Designers and Suppliers will be able to directly sell to aoiShip's customers in the United States. The B2C e-Commerce Platform is the first of four components that will make up the suite of technology available through aoiTech.

  • Nov 2019

    Influencer Dashboard (ID)

    ID platform goes live for the ambitious Influencer

    Influencers worldwide will be able to join aoiShip's affiliate network as a partner, choose Japanese designers to work with, become a compensated provider of designer campaign services, compare how they benchmark to other peers, network with aoiShip's top designers, learn best-practices, and download analytic information to help you be the best influencer you can be. You'll even be able to earn performance-based bonuses on customer-conversion referral, with significant bonuses and publicity features awarded to top aoiShip performers.

  • July 2020

    Supplier Analytics Platform (SAP)

    aoiTech 3.0: Supplier Analytics Platform (SAP)

    This will be the largest update to aoiTech. Designers and Suppliers already in business with aoiShip will be able to upload their latest product directly, plug-in via API for live inventory integration, customize, request, and procure influencer campaigns to-the-"t", gain access to analytics by product, evaluate aoiShip's logistic proposals for cost-saving considerations, expand into new markets and territories worldwide, personalize their aoiStore, protect inventory through InsurTech, network with aoiShip's top designers and brands to gain knowledge and best-practice, automatically settle payments, and receive 24/7 email support.

  • January 2021

    FashionSense:AI (FS:AI)

    FS:AI algorithm technology goes live

    Exclusive aoiShip designer partners will gain deeper insights into aoiShip's algorithm intelligence through market-to-product analysis of their own portfolio, market preferences of their product and brand offerings, and indicators that will allow designers to make strategic business decisions to grow even further with their brand.

Completion of Phase 1

Join Our Mailing List:

Who We Are Looking For:

Designers, designers, and more designers.


    Because fashion is fatigued from European designs of oversized emblazoned logos, and the runways being dominated by brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Versace.

    Because customers and influencers are craving something uniquely different. For example: Japanese Fashion.

    Because we want to find like-minded partners interested in disrupting the antiquated fashion industry in Japan and breaking down invisible walls of old systems and process.

We offer a global, digital stage to the person we need the most:

The innovative fashion designer.

Let's show the world what you're made of. Let us grow with you in your artistic journey.

Show Us Your Influence.

And also meet a few of our influencers:

Streetwear Style
Tracy Kim Photo

Is your fashion dope AF? Do brands like BAPE, Comme des Garçons, NEIGHBORHOOD, UNDERCOVER, and Y-3 inspire you? If so, you are the première designer we want to partner with and help succeed.

Luxury à la Mode
Linh My Dao Photo

Are names like Kenzo Takada, Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, and Tae Ashida iconic to you? Do you dream of seeing your fashion walk the runways among the opulence of Hermès, Prada, and Chanel? Let us help take you there all the way to the very top, starting today.

Show Us Your Kicks
Tracy Kim Kicks

Is footwear your specialty? Are you tired of seeing the likes of Adidas and Nike dominating the urban footwear market? Does RHYTHM, Inc. and RFW Tokyo speak volumes to you? If yes, join us. So we can catapult you into worldwide fame, recognition, and success.

Equip UP ^
Tricia Wang Photo

Do you call yourself a fashion designer, but apparel is just not your thing? Do you see life in rose-colored glasses, and want everyone else to see the same in chic Harajuku-style shades? If this is you, we'll help you realize your vision.

“There is no end and no goal. As long as I'm attempting to make something that never existed before, an end is out of the question.” —Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons

Meet The Movers and Shakers.

NY-2-LA meets TOKYO : A Story For Legend

In the Summer of 2018, the lives of a NY-2-LA Asian American and a Tokyo-native who grew up in Ehime, Japan, would come colliding by fate. What began as a simple conversation between two strangers supporting the burgeoning Startup Movement in Tokyo emerged a brotherhood formed on infinite trust while realizing they shared a common anthem:

The expression of DOPE FASHION and Cultural Disruption via apparel.

The pair marveled at the endless scores of undiscovered designer talents hidden around Japan in Tokyo districts like Aoyoma, Daikanyama, Harajuku, and Shibuya, as well as the Amerika-mura area of Osaka. After observing many pain points, Adam came up with the idea of developing a digital solution to make Japanese fashion more accessible, seeking to disrupt the antiquated ways of the fashion industry and old-style system in Japan. Together, Adam and Kazu recognized they had the power to provide a global platform for the fashion gems of Japan that are still waiting to be discovered.

For these two founders, time can no longer be wasted, and the world can no longer wait. It's time to open Japan's doors, giving rise to aoiShip.

Adam Boujida Photo

Adam Boujida

Creator, Owner

Adam is a Digital Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Bourdain-inspired Food Enthusiast, and a New York City native. After earning his Bachelor's Degree in Business from St. John's University in 2010, he started his professional career in Manhattan as an Insurance Broker for two years followed by five years at various Corporate Risk Management positions within the US Fortune 500 sector. In 2012, Adam relocated to Los Angeles, where he remained, until early interest with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain opportunities led him to pivot into the Tokyo Tech Scene in 2017. During this same time he boosted his skills in coding technologies, soon-after becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, he has developed several Web Application projects in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taipei with focus towards Platform and e-Commerce technologies, while on a mission to find and build new digital solutions for Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and Worldwide.

His favorite food is Japanese Sushi. Especially ‘Nodoguro’.

Kazumasa Ito Photo

Kazumasa Ito

Co-founder, Owner

1980年生まれ。東京在住。豊橋技術科学大学大学院情報工学専攻修了。パナソニックで音響機器のハードウェア設計エンジニアとしてキャリアをスタートさせる。その後、ソニーでPlayStation Vitaのプロジェクトマネージャーを経験し、ハードウェアスタートアップの執行役員に就任。主に、経営戦略、経営企画、生産管理、輸送、調達など数多くの業務に携わり、組織づくりや組織オペレーションに関する幅広い経験と知識を有する。外資系企業との取引経験や海外への渡航歴も豊富で、仕事のフィールドを海外にも広げている。また、女性起業家支援団体のアドバイザーや経営コンサルティングなど業界を超えた活動をおこないながら、新しいスタイルの企業・組織づくりを目指している。




Kenshi Shojaku Photo

Kenshi Shojaku

CEO, Info Athletes, Inc.

Jordan Fisher Photo

Jordan Fisher

CEO, Zehitomo, Inc.